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Usage of Electronic Journals Electronic Books and Database

Use righteously to keep a comfortable research and education environment

    More than 5000 titles of electronic journal (ex. Science, Nature, ScienceDirect, SpringerLINK, Wiley online library), electornic books and databases (ex. Scopus,CAS SciFinder)are having agreement with our university.
    It is necessary to comply with the copyright law and terms of use strictly, when using these electronic journals and electronic books and databases.
    Most distributors decide their own usage policy. Please be aware that they generally prohibit the following uses.
    Just in case, if any violate use in terms of service happened, even it is a personal violation, the usage of whole university will be stopped as a penalty. It will lead some difficulty for supporting our university research education activity. It is convenient that electronic journals are available 24 hours from any laboratory. But please be caution when you use it !!

The following uses are prohibited

    No! Massive downloading in short time manually or by using a program
    As for downloading the electronic journals, it is not limited to storing files on USB memory or PC, opening text files online will also counted.
    Technically massive downloading is prohibited. Even if you download manually, it shall be considered as excessive use if you download a lot of files at one time.
    Mass download is prohibited even within the contract range.
    No! Use for any purpose other than academic research and education
    No! Reproduction and distribution to others
    The users are limited to the member of this university. The act of replication and distributing the downloaded or printed out articles to one or more people is not allowed. Please apply wisely for personal survey and research
    No! The act of violating on the copyright law
    The works such as books or magazine are copyrighted. The copyright law is not only limited in paper-medium material, it is also same with the information of pictures and characters which are provided in internet. In using electronic journal and database, please comply with the noted terms and conditions of service which is published in "Terms and Condition".

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