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  Books for your new school life

Library User Guide for new students

Congratulations to all new students on your enrolment.
The library provides you with a variety of materials and a place to study so that you can make the most of your university life.

When you come to the university, you can also use the library as a place to take a breather in your spare time.
In addition to the books and journals available in the library, the library also offers a range of electronic resources (electronic books and journals) that can be used off-campus, as online classes and home-based research opportunities are increasing. Please make use of both the digital and real libraries.

Take the library guidance!

Library Guidance

[Starts] 1 April 2024  The Library guidance is held throughout the year.
(For those who have attended the library guidance held at the library in the past, such as those who are going on to higher education within the university, it is not necessary to take).

Moodle page (can be taken from off-campus, smartphone compatible)
Course category '図書館 (Library)' > 2024 図書館利用ガイダンス (Library Guidance 2024)

Library Guidance for new users is now available via e-Learning using the Moodle system. Watch the guidance video and take the test.

The guidance video shows you around the library and explains how to use the library, such as how to search for and borrow books. This is what you need to know before you start using the library.

If you pass the test after watching the guidance video, your PIN code will be valid when entering the 2nd and 3rd floors of the library during library after-hours and when entering the workstation area for students.
Please check the usage registration confirmation page to see if you can start using it.
The workstation area is equipped with education computers and large-sized printers for posters.
This room is used by many students every year for writing and printing reports, printing posters for conference presentations, etc.

Try the library!

[Entering and browsing]
 New students can borrow materials only after receiving their student ID card, but they can enter and browse the library before they receive their ID card.
 During the regular opening hours shown in the library calendar, you can freely enter and leave the library on the first floor.
If you do not have a student card and want to use the 2nd and 3rd floors, please ask at the library counter.
If you have a student card, hold an ID card over the IC reader at the entrance gate and pass through when the gate opens.
You can use the library even before attending the library guidance.

The library is open 24 hours a day.
 A student card is required to use the library during after-hours opening.
 The after-hours opening on the 2nd and 3rd floors can only be used after attending the library guidance.

[Annual calendar]:

 What kind of places are there in the library?
 How many books can I borrow and for how long?
For more information on using the library, please refer to the user guide on the library website and the following leaflets. Printed versions are available in the library.

 ★Library User Guide for internal users (double-sided trifold)
  ・Guide focusing on the library area on the 2nd and 3rd floors.
  ・English version

 ★Multiplaza User Guide (double-sided trifold)
  ・Guide to the Multiplaza on the first floor of the library.
  ・English version

 ★Let’s use the equipment in the library! (double-sided bi-fold)
  ・Information on equipment installed in the museum or available for loan.

How can I find materials?


Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)

 To check whether books, journals and other materials are available in the library and on campus, please use theOPAC.

 ・The OPAC system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even from off-campus.
 ・If a book is on loan, you can reserve it by clicking the 'Reserve' button on the OPAC page.
 ・Category search allows you to search for books recommended by departments (teacher-recommended books) and new arrival books.
 ・You can search for syllabus books (textbooks) in the library's collection.
  Select "Location 2 (Corner): 2F Syllabus Books (Textbook) Corner" in the Detail Search
 ・Electronic books and journals can also be searched.
 You can access each site from the "Read online" button and “Link to Full Text” section.

 Please refer to the following User's Guide for search methods.
 ★Library Guide Sheet No. 2 To search and reserve books in the library

 ★Library Guide Sheet No.3 学内で使える雑誌や電子ジャーナルを探す

How can I use electronic resources?

List of Electronic resources available at the University  List of main websites page

 The library provides electronic resources such as electronic books, electronicjournals and various databases.
 Please follow the instructions for using Electronic resources.

 Electronic resources on the Internet are available 24 hours a day.
As a general rule, electronic resources are limited to use by TUT members (undergraduate students, research students, graduate students, faculty and staff) and can be used from computers connected to the campus LAN. However, they can also be used from off-campus locations such as your home by using an individual account that has been registered to connect to the campus network or by using the “gakunin” service or a VPN connection. See the page “Use from outside the University”.

Japanese electronic books are available from Maruzen eBook Library and EBSCO eBooks , while foreign electronic books are available from EBSCO eBooks, Elsevier, Springer, Wiley, Ebook Central, Infobase and others. (As of March 2024, 1,277 Japanese books and 12,631 foreign books have been purchased.)

 For information on how to use the library, please refer to the following User's Guide.  
 ★Maruzen eBook Library Easy User Guide

 ★EBSCO eBooks Easy User Guide

           ------ Notes on the use of Electronic resources  -----

If you are a first-time user, be sure to read the page “Usage of Electronic Journals and Database”. It is necessary to comply with the copyright law and terms of use strictly, when using these electronic journals and databases. Most distributors decide their own usage policy. Please be aware that they generally prohibit the following uses.
  • Massive downloading in short time manually or by using a program
  • Use for any purposes other than academic research and education.
  • Reproduction and distribution to others.
  • The act of violating on the copyright law.
If any violate use in terms of service happened, even it is a personal violation, the usage of whole university will be stopped as a penalty. Please use the website with due care.

Books for your new school life

[Books on display]
The second floor exhibition area features "Recommended Books" recommended by students who work in the library after hours. Please come to the 2nd floor of the library.

[Booklog Site]
A list of books held on 'University life' is available on the web bookshelf service BookLog.  In the review section, the location of the books and the link to the OPAC are listed for books, and the URL for electronic books.

 ★Category: Books University life カテゴリ□図書 大学生活
 ★Categories:e-Book University life カテゴリ■電子ブック 大学生活

Useful Resource Guides
The following guides are also available. Please make use of it.
 ★No. 6 Theme: New life at university

 For enquiries about using the library and its materials, please contact the library counter on the first floor or use the enquiry form.

We hope you will make use of the library in your student life!
(Last updated on 1 April 2024)