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Book purchase request (for students)

If you cannot find the book you are searching in the library, you can make a purchase request (* TUT students only).
Note that the library cannot meet all requests, but will do its best.
First-come, first-served basis. There is a limit to the budget for purchasing books that students want to purchase. If the budget is exceeded, the application will be closed.

How to request the library to purchase a book

You can make a request using the application available on this website, which will appear if you click on the "purchase request" icon on the lower part of this page.
(* Entry of the account and password issued by the Information and Media Center is required.)
The same screen will open when you apply for "Book purchase request(for students)" "new request" in My Library.

Please note that requests to purchase the following items may not be accepted.

# Magazines (both Japanese and foreign magazines)
--> There is little margin for subscribing to a new magazine (either Japanese or foreign magazines) in the facility budget of the library,
except for those we subscribe to regularly.
In order to subscribe to a new magazine, other subscriptions will have to be stopped.
Purchasing of magazines (both Japanese and foreign magazines) is conducted just once a year.
We have to seek the committee’s judgment on the purchase of new magazines.

# Exercise books and workbooks for exam preparation
--> Since the contents change every year and the borrowers often write notes in the books, such books are not suitable for long-time possession in the library.
We do not accept purchase requests for such books because there is too wide a variety and it is hard to purchase all variations.

# 17 x 11 cm paperback books and paperbacks
--> The library has a general policy not to purchase 17 x 11 cm paperback books and paperbacks other than those it purchases systematically.

# Highly expensive books
--> To meet as many purchase requests from students as possible, the upper limit for the price per book is about 10,000 yen.
We may consider your request according to the circumstances. Please consult us for details.

# Inexpensive books
--> The library does not accept such purchase requests because students can afford such books.

# Specialty research publications and materials expected to be used by a very small number of students
--> The library does not accept such purchase requests because the library’s policy is to possess books that can be used by as many students as possible.

* Alternatively, you can ask Faculty Members of your major to suggest purchasing such a book. Please consult Faculty Members for details.

# Books for entertainment
--> The library does not accept such purchase requests (including comic books) in accordance with the policy of purchasing books useful for your research,
learning and self-improvement.

# Currently popular books
--> The library does not accept such purchase requests because long-term use cannot be expected.

Please note the followings when you make a purchase request:
* Include books that Faculty Members recommend to students in "recommended books for the major."
* In the case that a false entry is found, including the name on the form, the purchase request will be rejected.
* We do not accept purchase orders from outsiders of the university.

Before submitting a purchase request, please check the above items again.

  (User name and password: Information and Media Center's account and password)
Log in from the Shibboleth authentication screen, and the screen will switch to the application form screen(for insiders only).

If you have any questions, please contact the library counter.


For reference, here is the list of books purchased in the past on request.
FY2021 / FY2022 / FY2023
FY2020 / FY2019 / FY2018 / FY2017
FY2016 / FY2015 / FY2014 / FY2013
FY2012 / FY2011 / FY2010 / FY2009
FY2008 / FY2007 / FY2006 / FY2005

Book Selection Event

"Write down! Paste it! The book you would like to have in the library"
We set up a whiteboard on the 1st floor multi-plaza, and asked students to write on sticky notes and stick up their desired books and themes, such as ``I want the library to have these kinds of books.''

"Book Hunting"
In Book Hunting program, students are asked to go to a book store and select the books they want to have in the library or to use in their study,
research or job hunting.

The list of selected books with comments of recommendation is available on theWeb Bookshelf Service Booklog website.

(Last updated on March 22 2024)

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Book purchase request(for students)