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My Library

About My Library

My Library is a personal page that provide library information. User can check announcement from the library and also the latest usage status.

My Library screen will appear upon clicking "My Library" under "My menu" on the material retrieval system or the link to "My Library" on the upper right of the OPAC(Online Public Access Catalog) screen for material retrieval in the library.

My Library can also be used to make a request to copy or borrow a book on the web through TUT Link(SFX) .

Log-in ID

  • My Library
    Log in to My Library using the account and password issued by the Information and Media Center.
    Log in from the Shibboleth authentication screen,and the screen will switch to the My Library screen(insiders only)

  • If you use a shared computer,be sure to close the screen to log out.
  • If you have forgotten or are unsure about the details of the Information and Media Center's account, contact the Information and Media Center's office.
  • If you are using the university research funding management accounting system, a message "Insert smart card" may appear at the point of My Library authentication. If this message appears,swipe your ID in the IC card reader and enter your PIN.

List of functions

The following functions are available. Also refer to the Guide Sheet No.e-1(Using My Library) and Help.

  • Announcement of the library
    The My Library page will appear when you log in to My Library. You can find information communicated from the library to you at the "Announcement of the library" section.
  • Information of newly arrived materials
    When there is a material that satisfies the conditions you entered among new arrivals, the information of the material is shown.
  • Materials on loan
    This section provides information on the materials you have borrowed. The borrowing period can only be extended once.
  • Materials under request
    This section provides the current status of your request to the library,including your reservation,copying and borrowing of materials. You can also cancel your reservation.

  • Bookmark
    Bookmarked materials are stored in My Folder for reference. The information in the folder can be reorganized. Registered information can be referred when you log in to My Library next time.
  • New Request
    You can make a request to obtain a copy or borrow a material. Advance application is required when you make a request on the web.
    A purchase request can be made if the order has not been placed. Book purchase request (for faculty member) can only be made by Faculty Members.
    Book purchase request (for students).If you cannot find the book you are searching in the library, you can make a purchase request (* TUT students only).

  • History
    You can refer to the borrowing history.
  • Personal Settings

(Last updated on Nov.6, 2023)