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At the end of March 2017, the library was renovated and the Multi-Plaza was opened. After the renovation, the first floor was used by many people, as a space for active learning and events. However, since last year, due to the effects of the COVID-19, we have been forced to close the library temporarily and change the way it is used, and this situation is still continuing.

We conducted a survey in order to get the opinions and requests regarding the facility setting of the library four years after the final renovation, the state of preparation of materials, , and services due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the result of the questionnaire survey, in addition to requests for materials and facilities, there are many complaints about the closure of the library due to the pandemic, and many services that were provided before the pandemic, especially the after-hours opening (open 24 hours).

We would like to consider and reflect about the contents of the questionnaire responses received this time in the library management. Thank you for your cooperation.

Overview of the survey

PeriodJuly 7th, 2021 (Wed.) - July 21th, 2021 (Wed.)
TargetAll students and faculty's staffs at Toyohashi University of Technology
Answer We sent the questionnaire survey information to all students and faculty's staff through email.
The QR code of the Web form is posted on the poster.

The answering method is either one of the following
1)Access to the web questionnaire by clicking the URL described in the e-mail
2)Fill out the questionnaire form. The form is placed in the Multi Plaza on the 1st floor of the library.
References Poster
Questionnaire form : Japanese version / English version
Library Notice about this survey

Answer results

Number of responsesTotal 304
1)Answer by Webform 303
2)Answer by paper submission (collected in the library)1
Details Library user survey report 2021 (English version pdf)
          (Japanese version pdf)
Library user survey report summary 2021 (English version pdf)
          (Japanese version pdf)

Q1.Please choose one that matches your own identity.
Q2.Please check one box that applies to your organization.
Q3.Have you ever visited and used a library? Please check one that applies to you.
Q4.When did you visit the library? Q5.Please check all that apply to the purpose of your use of the library.
Q6.Please check all the boxes that apply to the places you use most often.
Q7.Please check all the boxes that apply to the materials and equipment you use in the library.
Q8.If there are any books (paper books) that you would like to have in the library, please write them down. Also, if there are any journals that you would like to have in the library, please write them down.
Q9.If there is anything you would like to see enhanced or improved in the future in terms of facilities, equipment, etc., please fill out specific details.
Q10.ease check all the electronic services that you are use, which contracting or offering at our university.
Q11.There are many e-resources (e-journals, e-books, databases) that can be used off-campus (at home, etc.). Do you know about them? Have you ever used them? Please check one that applies to you.
Q12.Would like to ask you about e-books. What kind of content would you like to see in more e-books? What kind of content would you like to see more of, and how would you like to use them?
Q13.In addition, if there are any electronic materials (electronic journals) that you would like us to purchase in the library, please specify them.
Q14.Please check that apply to library's services you know about.
Q15.We would like to ask you about the services provided at the library corresponding to the corona epidemic. Please check all the services that you are happy to implement. If you have not experienced any of the following services, please check all the services that you would like to see implemented if the corona response continues in the future.
Q16.If you have any suggestions about what kind of library services you would like to see in Corona epidemic, please let us know.
Q17.What services are stopped or changed due to the Corona epidemic and what services would you like to resumed or returned to normal use as soon as possible?
Q18.The library has implemented the following measures to prevent the spread of corona infection. Disinfecting desks, chairs, and other items regularly and after use, installing a thermo-camera at the entrance, installing hand sanitizer in various places, and installing acrylic panels on desks. Hand disinfectant is available everywhere, and acrylic panels are placed on desks. We would like to ask you about these measures.
Q19.If you have any other comments or suggestions about the library services in general, please write them down.

Library correspondence

From July 28th, the opening hours on the 1st floor have been changed from 9:30 to 9:00.
We are considering starting the after-hours opening (opne 24 hours) in the second half.

I purchased the following books and ebooks as the first step.
Correspondence to Q8
Correspondence to Q13
* The ebook has already been set up and can be used.
We are also considering measures for other matters.

Although this survey has ended, you still can send us an opinion through the inquiry form of the library web site etc. Please let us know, if you have any comments.

(Last updated December 25,2023)